At the distance of Earth, the sun is relatively benign. It is not all about extreme power, crazy speed, or explosive growth. It is steady, it is there, it has served life well for nearly 4 billion years and is likely to continue to do so for another billion years until it goes red giant. Until then, our sun is a sustainable presence to hitch humankind's wagon to. It is perhaps the only Earth-friendly (life-friendly) source of energy. Meteors can cause a splash, earthquakes and volcanism get our attention, but most nucleated life (not wedded to deep sea thermal vents) depends on Sol. The sun is not broken, is not in need of fixing, so there may be no imperative to find 'better' alternatives. Solar is not alternative. Fossil is the alternative energy currently fueling explosive industrial growth and it will not last for a billion years.
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Greenspeed Magnum Trike
All American SUN OVEN®
Bionx E-motor System
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News from Future:

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